2023 Call Out


We are now open to receiving work from college students exploring texts from the Spanish Golden Age period towards digital storytelling pieces, such as Video Art, Short Films, or Podcasts, in English or with subtitles in English. The length of the pieces should be 5 minutes max.

OUR NEW GOLD is an international festival for college students. With this call out to participate in Our New Gold Festival we wish to promote artistic work inspired by the Spanish Golden Age Theatre internationally. We encourage students to delve into different tasks such as translating, rewriting, filming, acting, and producing their creations. We hope to open new ways of understanding and portraying the Spanish Golden Age legacy in the contemporary educational and professional creative world; embracing classical works in our digital times form a more social, inclusive and vibrant approach.

Selected entries will have the opportunity to participate in our social media, screening in various academic settings, dialogues with students from other universities about their creative work and a workshop with an artist. 

Entries will be judged by international artists and academics. This year's jurors are: Adrienne Dawes, Allan Flores, Darci Strother, Leyma López and Victoria Rasbridge. See below for more information about our jury. 

Length: pieces should be 5 minutes max.

Language: English or include English subtitles.

The recommended formats are: Video Art Movie, Short Film, Podcast Episode, Music Song or Music Video.

Registration information: 

Registration will open from January 15, 2023 to May 31, 2023.

This Call Out is directed to Universities and Institutions supporting the participation of undergraduate students, recently graduated students (5 years since graduation), MA and PhD students.

We also accept applications from individuals who are undergraduate students, recently graduated students (5 years since graduation) MA and PhD students.

2023 Jury

Adrienne Dawes is an Afro-Latina writer, producer, and teaching artist originally from Austin, TX.
Artistic producer and co-founder of Efe Tres Teatro (Mexico City).
Actor and multidisciplinary theatre maker. Bard of nonfictional theatre. Advocate for accent deaf casting.

Leyma López

Leyma is a Cuban Theatre Director and actress. Since 2012, she has directed plays at the Repertorio Español. López has been given the HOLA, ACE and ATI awards.

Darci Strother

Dr. Darci L. Strother is a Professor of Spanish at California State University San Marcos. On her campus, Dr. Strother has created many opportunities for students to engage with classical Spanish theatre, including co-designing a course called “Viva el teatro: Spanish Theatre in Performance,” which she team-taught together with an acting professor for many years.  She also led a summer study abroad program in Almagro, Spain, coinciding with the Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico there. 

Victoria Rasbridge

Victoria is a doctoral candidate at the UCL (London). Her research explores the representation of queenship on the early modern Spanish stage, focusing specifically on the depiction of fictional queens in the late-sixteenth and early-seventeenth century.