Our New Gold 

Festival 2023

About the festival

OUR NEW GOLD is an interdisciplinary and international festival exploring 17th Century Hispanic theatrical and poetic texts focusing on current social issues (such as gender, racial and social inequality, systemic oppression, cultural identity and environment) towards the creation of digital storytelling pieces translated and adapted into English or including English subtitles. 

The aim of this Festival is to promote essential aspects of creating artistic works inspired by the Spanish Golden Age Theatre internationally and in the present time. We encourage students to delved into different tasks such as translating, rewriting, filming, acting and producing their creations, hoping to open new ways of understanding and portraying the Spanish Golden Age legacy in our digital times: a more social, inclusive and vibrant approach.

The first edition of this festival was organized and created by Ohio Wesleyan Students Jazmine Lew, Fiona Hansen and Marcos Crespo. 

For more information see our Open Call